Cordélia Canabrava Arruda

Cordélia Canabrava Arruda

Cordélia is a Brazilian pianist, from São Paulo, Brazil. 
She was the first pianist  to record the whole pianistic 
work of Erik Satie in the world.

She is the Brazilian representant and correspondent of the 
"Fondation Satie", located in Paris.

Cordélia Canabrava Arruda started her piano studies very early, at the age of five, under her grandfather, Biagio Cimino. In 1947 she graduated as a pianist from the “Conservatório Dramático e Musical de São Paulo" where she studied under the outstanding Prof. Samuel Archanjo dos Santos. In the same year, she also graduated in Anglo-German Languages and, to Prof. Archanjo’s grief, chose to be a teacher of English as a career.

She married soon, had two children and dedicated herself to the family and to school. But she never abandoned the piano. She took several independent courses of virtuosity under Prof. Hans Bruch and the outstanding Prof. José Kliass, with whom she wrote and presented a series of musical programs on television in the 70’s.

Cordélia “discovered” Satie only in 1979. She felt so idendified with his music that started researching the man and his music. Satie was almost completely unknown in Brazil. She had to ask for sheet music all over the world: France, Germany, England, the United States. She then decided to record his complete piano work. The series of eight LP’s was ready in 1988. She was the first interpreter of Satie in Brazil and also the first pianist to record his whole piano work in the world. This effort honored her with the invitation from Ornella Volta to be the correspondent and representant in Brazil of the “Fondation Satie” located in France.

She is a member of the ES Newsgroup

and can be found in the addresses:

In 1996 Cordélia decided to have her LPs masterized and recorded in the United States. Five CD’s in absolute chronological order, something absolutely unusual in other pianist’s recordings. She wrote the leaflets that come with the records. There are real lessons on Satie and his music in them.

Cordélia  gives a lot of Satie’s recitals in several concerto theaters. She considers divulging Satie a mission. In the late 90’s she wrote, directed and presented 18 programs on the radio, in which all pieces by Satie could be listened to, with several interpreters, singers, orchestras, etc. They were real “classes”. Several pieces were first audition in Brazil.

She maintains continuous correspondence with the Fondation Satie and ES newsgroup.


  • The notable pianist Cordélia Canabrava Arruda authenticates glorious and perfectly her deep stylistic endopathy with "l'enfant terrible" of the French music. She becomes a participant in the author's artistic creation.......Cordélia's sonority is a permanent auditory pleasure...... Her rubati, tempi, are exemplary...... Cordélia Canabrava Arruda became, internationally, one of Satie's most complete and adminrable interpreters..... 
    (José da Veiga - Diário Popular)
  • Cordélia's interpretation of Satie reveals intelligence and sensibility........Dominant technique, at service of musicality and intelligence......
    (Carlos Vergueiro - O Estado de São Paulo)
  • Her work is the one of a jeweler: detailed and precise........ Not a single intention of the composer is neglected.......
    (Carlos Vergueiro - Som Três)
  • Nous vous en sommes infiniment reconnaissaints et nous nous felicitons avec vous pour tout ce que vous faites pour la connaissance d'Erik Satie, ainsi que pour vos beaux enregistrements......
    (Ornella Volta - Le Secretaire Générale de La Foundation Erik Satie)
  • Cordélia Canabrava Arruda, passionée et éminente pianiste satiste......
    (Ornella Volta)

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