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 Volume 1 (From 1886 to 1891)

This volume presents EsotErik Satie. Pieces full of mysticism and religious feelings.The favorites “Gymnopédies” are here, nostalgic, evoking something hidden within us.Timeless, these three pieces remain fresher than ever, and their originality,untouchable through the years.

Available Tracks:

1.    Quatre Ogives (1886) 9:20
2.    Quatre Préludes (1886-1892)
   Fête donnée par des chevaliers normands en honneur d'une jeune          demoiselle
   Prélude d'Eginhard
   Premier Prélude du Nazareén
   Second Prélude du Nazareén
3.    Trois Sarabandes (1887) 14:20
4.    Trois Gymnopédies (1888)
   Lent et douloureux
   Lent et triste
   Lent et grave
5.    Trois Gnossiènnes (1890) 8:46
6.    Quatrième Gnossiènne (1891) 2:41
7.    Cinquième Gnossiènne (1889) 6:23
8.    Sixième Gnossiènne (1897) 2:13

Technical Data:
Erik Satie'complete piano works
Piano: Cordélia Canabrava Arruda
Management: Rodolpho Grani Jr
Mastered by Osvaldo Yokoo
Assisted by Fábio Lamas
Design and Art Direction: Willians Barros
Mastered at Imagination Classics 
: Osvaldo Yokoo
Pressed in the USA

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